WordPress Live Chat Plugin Integration

Like many of you, we are among the millions of WordPress fans. We know you love WordPress because it is easy to set up, comfortable to configure, to fit your specific needs and its extremely powerful. Which is exactly why Chatrify – WordPress Live Chat Plugin is a complete fit for WordPress sites, easy, customizable live chat for your easy, customizable publishing platform.

You can integrate Chatrify with any WordPress site and initiate proactive chat with visitors on your site. Engage and support instantly from any WordPress powered site with Chatrify.


Configuring WordPress Live Chat Plugin


  • In your administration console, visit “Plugins”, click “Add New” and search for ‘Chatrify’.


  • Then click  “Install Now”.


WordPress Live Chat Plugin


  • Once installed, click “Activate Plugin” to activate.


WordPress Live Chat Plugin


  • After activation you need to enter your registered email address.


WordPress Live Chat Plugin


Congrats!   Now you receive a chat function available on your WordPress website!


What’s Next

Things you need to do first, before getting started to assist your site visitors. 

  • Set Up Auto Invite Triggers: which will Invite your visitors to chat when they are on your website, encouraging them to engage with you. You can set auto invites based on a variety of criteria such as Time, Visited Pages, Referrer, Geo-location, Nature of the visitor (first time or returning visitor), and Referral search engine keyword by setting up the criteria in the installation code. Kindly review this link for more details: https://www.chatrify.com/support/kb-category/autoinvite-2/
  • Add Canned Responses: Canned responses are the pre-typed messages or tags that are used regularly during chats. So, you don’t have to type it every time.Just understand the situation and send these canned responses as and when needed to save the time in typing and utilize it for client service. Kindly review this link for more details : https://www.chatrify.com/support/kb/canned-responses-tags/