VTiger CRM Integration

This guide shows you how to get Chatrify integrated with vtiger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool.

1.   If you know your vtiger Access key, please skip to Step 5.

2.   Login to your vtiger account.

3.   Access the ‘My Preferences’ link as shown in the screenshot below. This is found near the top right corner. Subsequently, look for“Access Key“.

4.   Note the “Access Key “ value.

5.   Login to the Chatrify. Go to Settings, Under settings go into Advcance Setup > Vtiger Integration link as shown in the screenshot below.


6.   Paste your Access Key, Username and your vtiger URL.

7.   Save the configurations. Once the settings are saved, you’re done!

This guide shows you how vtiger works with Chatrify.

1. Once the ongoing chat is closed by the user or agent. You have to click on “Vtiger Ticket”, which is located near the top right corner of the chat window under the down arrow. Here is the screen shot.

Vtiger Button

2. Once you click on“Vtiger Ticket.”you will get a form to add details regarding the chat. At the end of the form page there is a“Create Ticket”button as shown in the screen shot below.

Vtiger Ticket

3. The ticket will be saved in Vtiger’s ticket database once you click on the “Create Ticket”