Transferring the chats

We are humans and its acceptable to admit that we don’t know everything. Sometimes, such situations arise when an agent doesn’t know the solution to a certain query or when a customer is very aggressive.

To overcome such situations, we have added the option of Transfer chat. Agent can simply transfer the particular chat to the supervisor or another agent. This improves service aspect as well as avoids customer disappointment scenarios.

How to use Transfer chat:

Let’s say the customer is very angry with the service of your company & is demanding for the refund.

But, the company policy does not give refunds. So, to handle this situation, agent can simply transfer the chat to his Manager or a Legal Department who are the correct authority to handle this problem.

In this way, Transfer chat can be very useful.

At the right top corner of your chat window, there is a strip of four options.

  1. Click on Transfer.
  2. Select the Agent & Group to whom chat is to be transferred.
  3. Click OK to transfer.


chat transfer