Supervising & helping agents during chat

Not every situation is solvable instantly by agent. Sometimes, agent needs a little help from his colleagues or even his manager during a live chat.

Through Chatrify, a manager can supervise the chat of agents. Moreover, one agent can help another to solve the customer issue.

Chatrify window is created in such a way that any agent or a manager can join other agent’s chat to give suggestion, advice to serve better. But, these suggestions won’t be visible to the customer.

How does Supervising & Helping works:

Let’s say a customer is asking an agent about the arrival of T-shirts. The agent is new & getting confused as to what to reply.

In such situation, another agent, who is not chatting currently, suggests him to offer ” Graphic Tees from XYZ brand & 50 % discount.

Now, this message is not visible to the customer. So, the agent can quickly grab this suggestion & offer the same to customer.

Supervise button thus helps in solving the problem in a team oriented manner & increases productivity.