See what customers are typing

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can see what customer is typing?

Chatrify has given you the option of Sneak Peek to impress your customers.

What is Sneak Peek:

Sneak Peek gives you a power to see what your visitors are typing so that you can create a response for it even before visitor has finished typing his/her problem.

Thus, you can give quick replies to them.

Sneak peek saves time and improves the customer satisfaction index.

How does Sneak Peek work:

Let’s take an example.

You own an online Movie DVD store. The visitor is asking for latest movies’ arrival. You can actually see in chat window what he is typing: Do you have Blue-Ray DVD……

Now, that you can see he is asking about Blue-Ray DVDs, you can quickly offer him discounts & latest movies available in Blue-Ray. You can type: Hi, we have all latest blockbusters available in Blue-Ray. Flat 30% off.

Thus, by Sneak Peek, you have quickly solved customer query as well as made a sale. it’s a win-win situation.