Add notes to chats for future reference

There is nothing more satisfactory in business than the repeat customers. It increases Brand loyalty, hence business.

But, it also calls for imparting extraordinary service to the loyal customers to ensure their retention.

That’s why it is necessary to profile your customers by adding notes.

What are Notes:

Notes are a brief way of describing a customer to speed up the chat process & for future reference.

Agents can add notes to profile a customer based on:

  • Past purchase details
  • Angry or abusive nature
  • Frustration points
  • Buying pattern & preferences

Advantages of adding notes:

  • Adding notes avoids asking the customer same details again & again, which saves time & improves resolving time
  • Having a prior idea of customer gives agent an advantage as he/she can come up with the strategy according to their needs, even before chatting with them
  • Notes are accessible to every agent, so no issue of asking for help from others

How to Add Notes:

1. On the right side from your chat window, there is a small strip named: Type here to add note.


2. Type the description such as price oriented or anything you feel particular.

add notes2

3. Click on + button to add it. your note is added.

add notes3


4. You can remove the notes if you don’t want it.

add notes4

Now, this note is accessible to every agent, thus helping your company to solve the problems quickly.