How to filter chat transcript

Everyday a lot of data gets generated & stored. It’s only logical to have filters to search the specific information from an ocean of data.

Chatrify has provided different filters to search a particular chat transcript:


Let’s say, you want to see the chats occurred on a specific date as in 23rd September, 2014.

Click on the Filter & select Date. you can see all the chats on that date.

chat filters -date


Group filter helps the manager to see all the chats happened for a period in the group as in Sales, Legal, etc. This is usually helpful during performance analysis.

chat filters-group


Select the Agent filter and you can see his/her chats. analyze their performance, resolving time and many more.


Tags are important aspects in chats. they are nothing but a shortcut words for a lengthy response to save time. Select this filter and search the chat transcript.

chat filter-tags