Canned Responses & Tags

Canned responses are the predefined messages or tags that are used regularly during chats. So, you don’t have to type it every time.

Just understand the situation and send these canned responses as and when needed to save the time in typing and utilize it for customers.


Everytime a new customer comes for chat, you can create a canned response as, “Hi, how may I help you?

Use the tag as: #Welcome.

When the chat with customer is completed, canned response can be,  “Thank you for your time, take care.

Use the tag as: #Take care.

To add a canned response,

1. Go to Settings tab.
2. Click on Agent Tools.
3. Select the subtab Canned Response.
4. Select +ADD NEW to add a canned response.
5. Add Tag and a corresponding Response Text.
6. Save the changes.

canned responses basic


canned responses- addingYou can create as many canned responses as you want. You can also delete any response you don’t need.