Add Tags for chats

Tags are the shortcuts used for the specific category or situation. It helps in finding the particular type of chats from chat history.

Let’s say a customer is asking about a new book arrival in your store. Now, you can add a tag as New Enquiry or the book name like Walden during the chat.

Now, the tag is created in your chat database. So, in future, if you want to see how many new enquiries about the book had been occurred, you can just type this tag in chat history & see the results.

You can add many such tags to understand the customer buying behavior.

How to add tags:

1. Exactly below the Add Notes box, there’s another box named: Type here to add tags.

add tags1

2. Add the tags as explained in the above example to categorize the situation.

add tags new enquiry


3. Click on + to add the tag. Your tag will be added. You can also remove the tag by clicking on ‘x’ button.

add tags new enquiry added

In chat history, you can search this tag to see how many enquiries had been generated for any date, group or agent.