1. Auto Invite

Invite your visitors to chat when they are on your website, encouraging them to engage with you. You can set auto invites based on a variety of criteria such as Time, Visited Pages, Referrer, Geolocation, Nature of the visitor (first time or returning visitor), and Referral search engine keyword by setting up the criteria in the installation code. Within each criterion there are multiple options, which are listed below.


Visited Pages
Visitor Type
Time on website
Time on current page
Current Page address
Any visited page address
User visited following pages
User visited at least X number of pages
Referring website address
Referral Search Engine
Visitor’s Country or City First time visitor
Returning visitor
  • 2. Chat Invite

    Proactively engage your website visitors for chat by sending out manual chat invitations if you do not want to use auto chat invites.

  • 3. Customized Greeting Message

    Greet your visitors with personalized messages designed to impress them. You can create personalized chat greetings to get the attention of the visitor and to increase the chances of response.

  • 4. Attention Grabber

    Integrate catchy graphics to get the attention of the visitors in your chat interface and increase the number of visitors that use the chat feature.