Leveraging Website Live Chat Software For Different Types Of Customer Support

Different Type of Customer

Life is inherently fast paced and customers today do not have the time or patience to wait for anything. Right from making a purchase to resolving any issues that one may face with the products or services one has purchased, everything has to be instant. If you can offer instant solutions to your customers then they will automatically get hooked on to you. In other words, customers are today addicted to the concept, ‘instant’ because it simply matches with their lifestyle its demands. Businesses, which understand this tendency and the trait of the customers, try to meet the customer demands in a highly effective way. In this post, let us look at how website live chat software will help you leverage this customer trait for your own benefit.


Comparison Between Brick And Mortar Store And Online Shopping Website Or Any Online


Business Brick and mortar store will have a physical address and online business will have a website address.

As soon as you enter a brick and mortar store there is someone that comes to you asking what you need. Even if no one comes to you immediately, whenever you should have a question or need some clarification, there will always be someone available. With an online business, the customer or the visitor has to source all the information he or she needs. If they do not get the required information, they choose to either go to a different online store or write to the business asking for the information that they need. In the brick and mortar store, they get immediate replies, whereas in the online store, they either find the information or have to wait for the business to respond to get the required information.

When you the customer is ready to make a purchase the customer can touch, feel and learn about the features of the products or services explained by a sales person. In online business situation, all these elements are totally missing the customer is left to his or her own vices.

After the purchase if there is a problem with the product or service the customer comes to the business venue or calls up the office and someone assists the customer either by sending someone to resolve the issue or provide them guidelines over the phone on how to rectify the issue in some very rare cases. With an online business, the customer has to call the business or write to the business looking for assistance.

With brick and mortar store the customer feels more secure dealing with the business because they know that if something should go wrong, they can always walk into the business premise and get a solution as there is a physical location. In the case of online business, the customer feels less secure and the customer is always suspicious about the online business because there is no way of meeting the provider face to face. At times, the provider does not even reside in the customer’s own country.

As you could see that online businesses have a very tough game to play when they have all possible odds on their side. It is therefore not easy for online businesses to take off fast. However, if there is one advantage with an online business which brick and mortar stores do not have then it is the ability to keep their business accessible to customers 24x7x365.


How live chat software came as a game changer?


While most of the businesses were struggling to win over the trust and confidence of the customers, the introduction of live chat software came as such a great game changer. In fact, now online shopping is a lot more convenient when compared to shopping in offline stores with the introduction of live chat software.

Online businesses considered live chat support as such a great boon to the industry. This single software technology addressed almost 70% of the issues or pitfalls of online shopping or online businesses.

With live chat support, a business is no more 100% virtual as it used to be. Today, as soon as you visit a website, if they have integrated live chat support in the website, the chat window will automatically open asking you whether you need any assistance, which is equivalent to a sales person approaching you telling you that they are ready to assist if you should need assistance. Live chat in a way adds life to lifeless online stores.

We could leverage the potential of the live chat software and live chat service effectively all through the purchase cycle, which is discussed below.


Resolve pre-sales queries instantly and boost sales


Whenever a new customer approaches your business website, products or services they will have many questions some of them will be addressed from the information that you have presented in your website but many questions will be left unanswered. In such a situation, the buyer will not be able to make a buying decision. He or she would want some more clarity before making the decision. This is where your live chat agent could assist. Assuming that you have installed the best in class live chat software in your website, the chat agent is able to monitor the movement of the visitors and their navigation pattern. The chat agent could either gently offer assistance by opening up pro-active chat window or wait for the customer to click on the live chat assistance window asking for help.

Regardless of whether the customer has questions regarding the price of the product or services, features, package details, warranty related questions, assistance in placing the order, everything is readily answered by the chat support agent. If you were not to integrate chat support software in your website, you would not have had the chance to provide this pre-sales support to the customer. As a result, you could lose such visitors. You are very likely to know already how difficult it is to drive traffic to websites. You should spend a lot of money and put in rigorous efforts trying to get top ranking for your website in Google. After taking all such trouble if visitors are just going to leave your website without a trace then all your efforts have turned vain. Here is your chance to leverage the potential of live chat software in the presales phase of the purchase cycle. If you have in place well trained chat support agents, then you could increase the conversion rates. If you have not installed live chat support software in your website it is high time that you worked towards it.


Resolve delivery related concerns and enhance trust level


Once the customer has placed the order on your website, they have made the payment and they need to just trust that your company will deliver the order. Until it is delivered, the customer does not have any guarantee whether you will really deliver it or not. In this process, there are chances for other confusions when you are trying to handle a large volume of orders. The product may not be delivered as per the delivery date indicated making the customer nervous. If you have instant chat support in your website then the customer could easily connect with your website and check the status of their order. By the very fact that you recognize their order and ready to offer a solution to the challenge that they are facing, they will feel better. The trust level on your business will certainly go up.

As another situation we could consider that the product may be delivered but it may be the wrong product, either in terms of the size, color or the product itself. Here again, your customers can get some kind of assurance that they do not have to worry and the confusion will be resolved. Your chat agents can give them the required guidelines on how to send the products for exchange or return. All these will instantly boost the comfort level your customers will have with your business.


Resolve post sales queries and boost customer retention rate


The third phase of the buying cycle is the product use or the post sales concerns after the correct delivery of the product. This phase again could be divided into two major phases namely,

Installation or setting up phase and

Long-term usage

When the customers are setting up the new products they will have many questions, doubts and even suspicion whether they have received what exactly they have ordered. Not everyone could immediately set up the gadget or the product that they have purchased. They will run into a series of confusions and you should have a team ready to address questions and doubts pertaining to the initial setting up phase.

The next phase is long-term usage. This is when the wear and tear issues will crop up. The warranty phase will be completed. They are ready to replace the product or look for repairs. Here your web chat support team here could play a very crucial role in boosting the customer retention rate. Your customers will require the highest level of support possible. If you do not give attention to them, they would start exploring alternative options where they hope to get better attention and treatment.

Whether it is pre-sales, delivery phase or post sales both immediate and long term, it is your responsibility to keep the customers happy if you are thinking success. Here is a readily available tool at your disposal, which you could use to meet the demands of the customers. By carefully deploying live chat solution in your website, you could certainly enhance the overall success rate of the customers.


What types of businesses could benefit from live chat support software?


As a business owner, one of the questions that you are likely to have is whether the live chat support solution is suitable for your business and whether your business will be able to enjoy all the above benefits that we discussed above. Of course your business will be able to reap all the above benefits regardless of the niche industry to which you belong. It does not matter whether you are offering B2B services or whether you are B2C company. In addition, it does not matter whether you are a small, medium or a large player in your industry. All types of companies and businesses will be able to equally benefit from the live chat support software.

How successful you are depends on two things, namely, how good is the software that you have chosen for providing instant chat support and secondly how good is your chat support team.

Success, of course, does not come easily here, you need to work towards it. The good news is that it is not as hard or as difficult as you think. With careful planning and with adequate homework, you will be able to settle for the best chat support software and get a highly dedicated team in place.

You may also be wondering whether you should incorporate live chat in your website after being in the industry for so many years. Whether you are a brand new company, or a company that has been in the industry for over a decade, the competition level in your industry is real. As a company with experience, you will have the advantage of the good reputation if you have built any but for that there is no special significance to customers whether you have been in the industry for many years or not. All that they are interested in is whether you are able to meet their requirements within their budget. You will therefore need to work towards this goal. Setting up chat support in your website is a powerful way to connect with your website visitors, which will help you fight the online competition effectively. Regardless of your company’s age, adding live chat will certainly put you in an advantageous position when compared to those who have not incorporated this facility yet in their website.


Take advantage of the tool you have at your disposal


If you have not been taking advantage of the software for live chat so far, it is high time that you start thinking along those lines. Live chat helps you deliver almost instant solutions to your customers that are troubled in some way. As long as you are able to alleviate their distress fast, they will be interested in continuing their association with you. They could continue to use your products or services. The problem comes only when they are not able to get their concerns addressed immediately or when they will have to wait for a long time or when they will have to make multiple calls or send multiple emails before they could get some answer from you.

It is not without reason why many businesses provide their customers 24×7 support. When you compare the number of customers that approach the support desk during the day, only a fraction of those customers will approach you at the odd hours. However, these few customers are also equally important or we could say that they are even more important because if they are contacting you in the odd hours of the night then their problems are lot more serious than of those that are ready to wait for the next day. When such customers with emergency needs have their concerns addressed effectively, you can be sure that they will become your loyal customers. Not only that, they will start talking about your brand to their family and friends. There cannot be a better advertisement than a happy customer who shares his or her positive experience with your brands.


Small business temptation


One of the mistakes small businesses make when they integrate live chat in their website is that they try to handle the live chat all by themselves thinking that they are saving money. If you are providing customer support by yourself, you will not be able to focus on your other tasks nor do justice to the visitors that need assistance. You are likely to put your live chat support in offline mode. If you want to be successful with your live chat support efforts and to impress your customers, you should keep your live chat support online for the longest number of hours possible. Do not give into the temptation of handling your chat support by yourself. This is a defeatist tendency. If you want to be a successful brand, it is important that you follow what brands that are already successful are doing because they will not be doing what they are doing if their efforts were not to be effective.

The lesson that we are trying to drive home here is that live chat software is such a powerful tool that many business owners are still not capitalizing. If you too are not exploiting this software tool for building your business and for helping your customers, then you need to act immediately and integrate live chat support right away.