Generate impressive reports from past chats

1. Summary

Create a quick summary of past chats for up to seven days, which will include information such as the total number of chats, operator performance, visitor satisfaction, and more.

  • 2. Chats

    Create reports on the total number of chats handled based on various operators including all your agents, a specific operator, specific time slot, etc.

  • 3. Chat Rating

    Get reports on operator performance, including visitor satisfaction.

  • 4. Queued visitors

    Generate reports on queued visitors to understand how many visitors are queued at any given point of time so that you can make timely decisions about scaling up your live chat operations and adjusting the number of operators.

  • 5. Chat Availability

    This feature gives you a complete picture of your overall chat availability status for your visitors.

  • 6. Goals

    Measure the success rate of your chat based on the goals you set, including, but not limited to sales and registration. You can also identify your team’s best performing support agent through this feature.

  • 7. Surveys

    Analyze data from pre-chat and post-chat forms. Get a clear picture of your overall chat ratings, and gain a better understanding of your visitors’ areas of interest.

  • 8. 24-hour distribution

    Use this feature to find the peak hours for chat so that you can increase the team size during those specified hours. Access 24-hour distribution of chats based on various parameters, such as visitor ratings, goals, visitor queues, etc.