Handle chats with ease & efficiency

1. Multi-Website Support

Chatrify live chat software allows you to support multiple websites with The Agent Dashboard for added convenience and ease of use. The look and feel of the chat app can be customized to match each respective website.

The Multi-Website Support feature is one of the main reasons I have subscribed to Chatrify. It saves me the drill of toggling between websites and reduces the response time. As a result the prompt customer support earned me a good reputation and business.

– Wayne Cooper, CEO HighStrides Technologies
  • 2. Easy Chat Widget

    Chatrify live chat software helps your website visitors in real time. It resolves their queries, addresses their concerns, and offers them quick solutions. Chatrify live chat software accepts multiple chat requests and improves your customer support efficiency by helping multiple customers simultaneously.

    I’ve been using The Agent Dashboard for almost three months. The dashboard is my vantage point – it’s the one place where I get all the updates and notifications on both new and old visitors and customers. It is not only easy to use, but it also gives me the right cues to make the next move.

    – Rebecca Günzburg, Agent, Seven Cross HealthCare
  • 3. File Sharing

    Chatrify live chat software enhances the quality of your support by instantly sharing relevant files, including image and text files, through the chat interface. Your customers can also share files, including screen shots and videos, to help you understand the nature of the situation they are facing. File sharing saves time by helping both the agent and the customer communicate more efficiently, reducing the need to type long messages.

  • 4. Chat History

    Chatrify live chat software stores all customer chats automatically for future reference and review. You can quickly access and review your past communications with a particular visitor/customer and their information using the chat history feature.

    As an agent I deal with a number of clients a day. Managing all the website chats from one dashboard is good but to manage the number of chats is quite a task. Luckily, Chatrify live chat software has the feature of labeling that leaves me sorted and makes my work manageable and easy.

    — Jane Smith, CEO Enormicom
  • 5. Canned Responses

    Chatrify live chat software allows you to create canned responses for frequently asked questions such as: initial greetings, price, contact details, service related information, requesting information from the visitor, ending the chat and more. Canned responses improve your chat efficiency tremendously and keep the visitors happy with swift responses.

6. I SPY

Chatrify live chat software’s I SPY feature works as a spy. It allows you to see what the visitors are typing in real time. This gives you time to prepare a prompt and impressive response.

The I SPY feature works like reading the visitor’s mind. It is my favorite tool that makes my business communication effective. One in every third/fifth visitor of my website has approached the sales department for further business. With Chatrify live chat software’s I SPY on my website, I’ve gotten the maximum out of the live chat software.

– James Dayton, Marketing Manager Celko Co.


Chatrify live chat software categorizes your chats with labels. Search your chats based on the labels or categories that you have created. Labeling chats improves the efficiency of archiving and retrieving chats.

Help your website visitors in real time. Resolve their queries, address their concerns, and give them quick responses.

— Dadi Janusson, Co-founder Golfproasistant

    With the Chatrify live chat software Conversation Notes you can add important information about your visitors/customers as notes that can be viewed only by the operators. This includes their past purchase details, frustration points, special concerns, etc. This is especially helpful when multiple chat operators are employed.


    Chatrify live chat software’s Chat Transfer works by easily transferring a chat to another agent in a single click. This is useful when the scope of the chat is beyond the agent’s ability to assist, allowing you to escalate the visitor’s concerns to specialized agents or higher authorities. Chats can be transferred from general support agents to technical support agents or a billing team, or from a lower level support agent to the support manager.


    Chatrify live chat software has special privileges for floor managers, who can supervise the chats without the visitor’s knowledge and provide the required support to the agent without the support notes appearing in the actual chat window.


    Chatrify live chat software collects important initial information about the visitor such as customer ID (if any), the department with which the visitor wants to chat, and brief information about the nature of the query to ensure that the agent can help the visitor effectively. This information is also stored for future reference. Furthermore, get feedback and opinions from visitors on the chat experience at the end of the chat with post-chat forms, helping you serve your customers even better in the future.