Leveraging Website Live Chat Software For Different Types Of Customer Support

Life is inherently fast paced and customers today do not have the time or patience to wait for anything. Right from making a purchase to resolving any issues that one may face with the products or services one has purchased, everything has to be instant. If you can offer instant solutions to your customers then […]

A Complete Guide To Using Preset Or Canned Responses In Your Live Chat Software

  We just presume that you have integrated the code for integrating the chat software in your website in the appropriate pages. You will be able to engage your visitors in chat as soon as you have integrated the code for the chat interface. One of the key features that you will find in almost […]

Adding Live Chat To Your Website – Why and How?

  The Correlation Between Live Chat And The Success Of A Business Enterprise   Live chat plays a crucial role in making your business operations a successful endeavor. Let us look at how these two are correlated. Good customer support is one of the key ingredients for the success of any business. Just pick any […]