Six Important Qualities Beyond Technical Skills That Every Chat Support Agent Should Have

Putting together a successful live chat support department is certainly a challenge. You need to put every piece together very carefully to produce the desired results. There are many factors to be taken into account beyond just the technical details and you cannot compromise one factor for the other in this process. We have already […]

Best Kept Live Chat Secrets That Will Make Your Chat Agents Stand Out 

Until a few years ago, only few websites integrated live chat and boasted of their instant online customer support. Today that is not the case, just about any website that you see is offering live chat. So, you cannot claim any special credit or expect any special mileage out of your live chat support. Live […]

Why Some Chat Agents Are More Successful Than The Others?

Are you a chat agent that is trying to be successful in your career? Or you are a team leader that is trying to train your chat agents? You need to understand why certain chat agents are better and more successful than the others are so that you could emulate the successful traits of the […]

The Ten Commandments Of Communication Skills For Live Chat Support

The communication skill of your chat support agents are as important as the communication skills of the sales representatives in your brick and mortar store. There are two key aspects that mark the success of your live chat support; one is your choice of the live chat software and secondly the efficiency of the live […]

Jargon Free Live Chat To Keep Your Customers Highly Engaged

The live chat agent in your website is equivalent to the sales person or the customer support person in your retail outlet. The only difference is that your customers will interact with the live chat agent through a virtual medium. The outcome in both cases is the same. Customers have their questions answered and move […]

Live Chat – Communication Skills For Selling And Cross Selling

Live Chat is just more than just a customer support software. You could benefit from the live chat solution in a number of ways. If only you have the adequate experience and the knowhow, you will be able to leverage exceptional advantage by integrating live chat software on your website. Leveraging The Marketing Benefits Of […]

Communication Skills For Difficult Live Chat Scenarios

Being a chat support agent is a challenging profile. Each day poses a new difficulty and the live chat agents should be well equipped to deal with such challenges. We cannot have a ready reckoner for all possible difficult situations that could emerge during the live chat. The chat agent should use his or her […]

Communication Skills For Handling Live Chat Support

What do you think is the key for offering successful live chat service? Good communication skills of your chat agents is a prerequisite for making your live chat support successful. You need to understand the importance of putting together the best team for your website’s live chat support service. Are you aware that for almost […]

Making Your Visitors Believe That They Are Chatting With A Real Person

Often as a live chat support representative you are too busy giving answers to your chat visitors so much so you make the process entirely mechanical to the extent your visitors sometimes get a doubt whether they are chatting with a real person or they are dealing with a robot. You need to keep a […]

Live Chat – How To Communicate Effectively With Your Website Visitors?

We have spoken enough about the importance of adding live chat to your website in the past posts. The effectiveness of all your efforts will depend very much on how good is the communication skills of your chat agents. Are there any special rules to be followed when you chat with your customers through the […]

Leveraging Website Live Chat Software For Different Types Of Customer Support

Life is inherently fast paced and customers today do not have the time or patience to wait for anything. Right from making a purchase to resolving any issues that one may face with the products or services one has purchased, everything has to be instant. If you can offer instant solutions to your customers then […]

Live Chat Support Agents Training Guide

  Live chat support proves to be one of the most powerful ways of engaging your website visitors. If handled correctly, you will be able to convert your visitors to prospective customers. At times, even if a visitor does not come to your website with any immediate need for your service or product, the quality […]

A Complete Guide To Using Preset Or Canned Responses In Your Live Chat Software

  We just presume that you have integrated the code for integrating the chat software in your website in the appropriate pages. You will be able to engage your visitors in chat as soon as you have integrated the code for the chat interface. One of the key features that you will find in almost […]

Adding Live Chat To Your Website – Why and How?

  The Correlation Between Live Chat And The Success Of A Business Enterprise   Live chat plays a crucial role in making your business operations a successful endeavor. Let us look at how these two are correlated. Good customer support is one of the key ingredients for the success of any business. Just pick any […]

Effective Live Chat Support: A Great Way to Perk up Your Online Business

Introduction/ (Customer is the King)   Whether a business conducts its dealings online or offline, whether it is a startup in its nascent phase or an established business, the customer is the king of the business. In addition to providing great products and services at competitive prices, customer support is also an important part of […]